ACLEDA Financial Trust

Vision and Mission

Vision: Empowered consumers, and a visionary, inclusive financial sector now and for future generations.

Mission: The ACLEDA Financial Trust will be a dynamic action center that aims to advance the state of financial inclusion by supporting innovative initiatives, enhancing the value of the financial sector to people, economy, environment, society and culture.

We support financial and educational initiatives that aim to add value to financial sectors in the Mekong region by promoting economic and educational opportunity for poor and low-income people, particularly youth.

Our Goal is to advance financial inclusion by:

  • Meeting the original donors objectives to improve opportunities for poor and low-income people through access to financial services, increased financial capability, human resource development and improved business acumen.
  • Establishing, increasing and enriching the pool of resources active in regional financial sectors, with a focus on finance as well as expertise in human resources development, financial education, and business development for entrepreneurs.
  • Expanding regulation, organizational forms, products, services and expertise to build and maintain a healthy financial sector that serves poor and low-income people, particularly youth.
  • Supporting both the demand and supply side of financial and educational services applying the expertise of regional talent and building a network for regional exchange and application of lessons and pilots.
  • Becoming a vital and active contributor to increasing financial inclusion through the ACLEDA Bank Network, NGOs, MFIs.
  • Serving as a leader for the support of high quality pilots of "branded products" directly in the financial services field or with formal educational institutions and informal educational initiatives.